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This software speeds up nuclear medicine

With scintido®, the innovative nuclear medicine software, you can control and document daily work in nuclear medicine digitally and effortlessly.

Diese nuklearmedizinischen Einrichtungen nutzen den neuen Branchenstandard scintido®.

scintido® is the software solution for nuclear medicine in clinics and practices

From production and quality control in the radionuclide laboratory to application and handling of finished medicinal products, scintido® simplifies your work processes

The special feature of scintido® – ready for immediate use: Generators, kits, finished medicinal products, manufacturing instructions, quality controls, calculation methods etc. are already fully created and only need to be selected.

  • 99mTc Generator inputs and outputs, check for 99Mo-breakthrough
  • Digital manufacturing documentation up to drug release in the radionuclide laboratory
  • Test emitter inputs and outputs, management and documentation of completed wipe tests
  • Incoming and outgoing finished medicinal products with live activities of radiopharmaceuticals in stock
  • Injection and capsule application of finished medicinal products and 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals
  • Exact recording of the application quantity through back measurement and decay calculation
  • Statistics and evaluations for the medical office, your medical physics experts and the annual report at the touch of a button
  • Can be operated via touchscreen or mouse & keyboard on all devices

One price –
all services

Trial period
€ 0
Set up for four weeks of testing
  • Team training
  • All updates
  • Can be canceled at any time
  • Support from our experts
  • Full range of functions


Full version
€ 389
per month (usable for one location)
  • Four-week free trial period
  • Team training
  • All updates
  • Support from our experts
  • Monthly billing


The minimum contract term for the scintido® nuclear medicine software is 24 months in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and can be terminated monthly after this minimum contract term has expired.
The appropriate Hardware is optionally available.

Functionality and

The web-based scintido® nuclear medicine software supports you in your daily work in nuclear medicine, saving you valuable working time in all production and documentation processes.

The intelligent and user-friendly design of the software enables the best possible user experience with fast data entry and simple operation.

The scintido® nuclear medicine software covers all processes in the handling of 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals, the management of test emitters, the recording and management of finished medicinal products and the associated patient application.

scintido® stores all data generated in your processes and prepares them statistically for the statistical documentation of activity references, quality controls, kit preparations and and much more, making the software a reliable tool for your quality assurance.

scintido® production workflow in the radionuclide / hot lab

  • Digital recording of active generatorsn
  • Live activity of 99Mo / 99mTc
  • Elution of the generator with recording of the eluted activity
  • Check for 99Mo-breakthrough with automatic calculation
  • Marking of the previously obtained eluate with all kits available on the market
  • All manufacturing instructions have already been entered into scintido®
  • Marking of multiple kits displayed on intelligent dashboard
  • On-Screen notifications after task completion by timer in the software
  • Summary of valuable information, such as minimum and maximum activities and volumes for marking or the shelf life after marking, are displayed for the user
  • Quality controls are already set up in scintido®
  • Radiochemical purity is calculated automatically
  • Results are documented and stored in your database
  • Manufacturing and test protocol for each radiopharmaceutical manufactured
  • Summary of all work steps containig user information and time stamp – a necessity in the production of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Production logs are stored in your database and can be called up at any time
  • After examination, approval is given by the responsible doctor

The best hardware for the best workflow

An Internet connection is required to use the scintido® nuclear medicine software. To ensure that you can use scintido® in your clinic or practice with the best experience, we recommend connecting it to an all-in-one touchscreen PC. This avoids cables and surfaces in your laboratory that are potential sources of contamination.

In addition, the slim and white design of the touchscreen PC integrates very well into the working environment.

Save valuable working time

Working digitally with scintido® makes unsightly notices in the hot lab and handling paper a thing of the past. You have more time for your patients, your productions and improve the quality of your processes.

In combination with the touchscreen PC, you will experience the perfect workflow in your nuclear medicine facility. Thanks to the decentralized concept of scintido®, you can use the software in any laboratory, application room or office.

WINKGEN medical systems

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